The OverFile  
              The Story of the Spherit  
A piercing vision of a braver new world 2200 years from tomorrow!
The OverFile...

Two millennia after World War III, in the New Order year 1901 AE, StarProbe Tech Lt. Anen Kel is searching for a resolution to the interstellar communications problem known as the Anomaly when his intercept beams awaken a comatose alien creature drifting in high orbit over earth.
As Kel and his android companion, CR, ultimately converse with the spaceborn being who calls himself the Spherit, the alien realizes that he has been an unconscious time traveler since he was struck by a nuclear blast during WWIII. He has been awakened in what is for him the 42nd century, but with his 21st century viewpoints still intact.
The Spherit finds himself lost in a world dominated by a radical, ubiquitous techno-philosophy known as O Theory. Nothing of this New Order world of the far future makes sense to him. It is an earth whose science, technology, and forms of social interaction were not anticipated by the now ancient culture of the 21st century.
Once the Spherit learns the secrets of O Theory, and also realizes what caused the Great War, he dedicates his life to finding a way to send a master message file, an OverFile, back through time in a desperate attempt to circumvent the destruction of myriad worlds in the Galactic Community and the earth as well.
Greetings in the Name of O...

The OverFile was written to showcase a new, speculative theory on the nature of reality and mind. The new model of reality is known simply as the O Model, or O Theory.
O is defined in The OverFile as that ultimate, vacuous essence of reality within which, as which, and through which the nowflow of the observable universe operatively subsists and persists. Within this definition is the understanding that quantum reality is in fact being sustained, or regenerated from microinstant to microinstant, on a point to point basis within the essential lattice nature of O. The new model allows mind to be viewed in terms of a graphable, spherical projectional field which in the human instance emanates from the limbic center of the brain.
The OverFile encompasses many different areas of science fiction and fantasy. Within its story line, The OverFile cautiously considers the ultimate nature of reality and the inner mechanics of mind: human, alien, and electronic; the meaning of God within O; the future of religion; the electronic survival of personality post-death; the speculative uses for a tachyon spectrum; the possibility of a vast interstellar Community; flying saucer propulsion methods; the possibility of free energy, anti-gravity, and similar technologies currently thought to be impossible.
Within its story line, The OverFile considers what it might be like to live in a society where the preceding considerations are not merely theory, but the surrounds of everyday life.
Overall, The OverFile offers a piercing vision of a braver new world 2200 years from tomorrow!
Why Read The OverFile...?

In addition to offering the reader the fascinating story of the life of the Spherit and his unique species, from the beginnings of galactic time unto the ends of cosmonic time, and far beyond, The OverFile offers a new way of thinking about innumerable things, not the least of which is the world within immediate view and the inner mechanics of the observing mind.
The unique theoretical perspectives presented within The OverFile comprise an alternative understanding of reality and mind quite different from the norm. Because these alternative perceptions are often in direct conflict with contemporary beliefs, they could easily become controversial issues.
If the debate over the speculative, theoretical elements of The OverFile becomes sufficiently intense, it is foreseeable that the world at large will eventually demand an objective answer from the scientific community about the issues within The OverFile.
If that occurs, we may eventually learn what is truth and what is not.

            Is O reality really real?
I don't usually mention fiction here, but this one's a standout. It's the story of an alien named Spherit and his relationship with the people of earth. Check it out.
Loy Lawhon


The FQXI Essay

On February 14, 2011, more than a decade after The OverFile was written, I submitted an essay to FQXI, The Foundational Questions Institute. The theme for the year was, ?Is Reality Digital or Analog?? The essay expands upon the theory of reality and mind presented in The OverFile. The links below will take you either to the submitted essay online, or to a directly downloadable PDF.

Title: Digital vs. Analog Reality: An Alien Perspective ? Online

Title: Digital vs. Analog Reality: An Alien Perspective ? PDF Download

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